The academy was primarily setup to provide world-class training and innovative thinking to students in the academy by creating a faculty of individuals that are distinguished in their respective fields thereby creating a real-life course guideline and execution to the academy students.

The business leadership academy offers courses on business and personal development, potential location and extraction, Leadership principles for personal growth and entrepreneurship development, Emotional intelligence, Idea creation and growth, social entrepreneurship, Innovation hub, legal requirements in business development, creating a start-up, social Impact of businesses, Social media engagement for impact.

What We Can Do

Our Result Focus


Innovation is creative problem solving which is started by the need to create change. Our goal is to train individuals in order to grow their creative problem solving skills necessary for national development.

Grow Businesses

We empower individuals to create viable business that would employ labour and create transformational surplus in the society.


For us, Leadership is growth, responsibility and sacrifice; thus, we offer the necessary tools to aid effective and efficient leadership development through our trainings tailored to cloth individuals with the necessary support.