Our Conferences

Since 2013

We have been Impacting lives...

Our conferences are the platforms which we created for the transmission of intangible resources between the audience and the facilitators. We believe that to initiate and sustain change there has to be a platform that would serve as the breeding ground for such change. Therefore, our conferences are tailored to do just that. Visit our gallery to see our event pictures!

Our Platforms

National Student Leaders Summit (NASLS)

The NASLS is a platform for student leaders in the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education to meet and discuss issues relating to national development, leadership growth and capacity development.


Our vision is to reach out to the youths at a young age. The purpose is to ensure that young people are taught leadership and its application to everyday life and living. We believe that this would go a long way in engineering change from the grassroots.

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability (WIMS)

WIMS is a platform where the subject of Innovation is brought to the fore. The purpose is to enlighten the participants on the opportunities that abound by thinking outside-the-box.

We believe in Africa!