Our Story

Leadership Leverage is a youth organization started in 2013 with the vision to raise leaders that would create sustainable change in Africa through the creation of surplus value for the transfromation of the society.
We believe that to initate and sustain continual growth, such growth must be founded upon the creative potentials of indiviuals who are poised to achieve more and transform the society. Therefore, our focus is not just to raise leaders, our focus is to build individuals with the capacity to dream more, do more, and achieve more.

To this end,  the focus our leadership projects extends to Business leadership which purpose to to mould and empower individuals to create businesses that would engineer socio-economic change in the society.

We started out with the understanding that for sustainable development to be achieved in Africa, there has to be a SHIFT in the thought process of the youths who are the primary engineers of change in any society. However, our understanding has grown to encompass the need for  leadership capacity development.

For these reasons, are our projects tailored to meet the need of the creation and development of sustainable impact.

Welcome to the home of Stars… Welcome to Leverage

We Believe in Africa

Meet The Founding Memebers

Ogundipe Oluwatobi Adedayo
Seun Lari-Williams
Legal Adviser/Team Member
Ebin Festus Godwin
Administrative Manager
Adeola Mark Adewunmi
Programs manager


Leadership Trainings
Business Development
Capacity Development