Leaders Dont Lead Conference 2014

Project Info

Project Description

Leaders don’t lead is a platform through which university student leaders are exposed to the practical aspect of leadership which is service. This event is aimed at enlightening the students on the subject of service in leadership and would empower them with practical skills which they would apply in their capacity as student leaders in their universities. Invited speakers are to engage students in discussions and help students focus their energy and intangible resources in ensuring that they meet the expectations of their followers.
Additionally, this event would not only empower and refresh the youth leaders but would also prepare them for life after school. The key here is the impartation of multi facet knowledge on leadership which would give them a good stead in any field they delve in as students and also graduates. The main motivation behind this novel event is to bring about a pragmatic approach to leadership.
Absence of good Leadership skills is one of the factors inhibiting growth and development among the generality of our people, contemporary development and studies have shown that critical leadership skills is needed to promote development in all facet of our society.

There is therefore the need to proactively evolve a strategically focused leadership that will build a nexus between the leaders and the led which will promote all round development.
To achieve this objective we have carefully developed customized topics that will address this critical area of observed knowledge gap and provide the missing link that will promote good performance and effectiveness of administration.
The scheme for the achievement of our objective this year is to provide an avenue for the speakers to discuss issues ranging from business to politics and also interact with the participants thereby spurring the transmission of ideas, values and intangible resources.

• The role of service in nation building.

• The importance of Vision and Purpose in leadership – linking the led with the leader.

• Leadership style as a factor for building a sustainable business enterprise–issues and challenges.